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My name is Kevin Mecchella, founder of Breakthrough Music

and i’m a


Every decision I’ve ever made in my life comes from an artistic place asking the question “how will this effect my music making”? I also am just as passionate about the journey. I’ve learned that there’s no guideline or handbook when it comes to becoming a great musician. There’s only progress. Progress that is made everyday, day by day. Trying to milk every resource to help you progress faster is my mission and this is why I started Breakthrough Music
Although just because you have a passion for something like I do 
doesn’t mean it’s always easy…

After graduating with a music education degree, things took a turn for the worse. I had no job, no money, and no patience. I found myself becoming irritable and depressed. Worst of all, I would take it out on the people closest to me. I became so detached from music that I didn’t pick up my instrument in over two years. I knew something had to change…

One day I decided I would take a chance and study euphonium performance at the Royal Conservatory of Liege, Belgium. I realized that I was missing something in my life….music! I needed to really see what I was made of and what could be possible. So after reconnecting with my professor, I packed my bags and spent the next year immersed in my craft…and eating waffles!  Little did I know this year away from every comfort zone I’ve built and everything that made sense was going to be the most formative year of my life.


Kevin Mecchella is a gifted music educator and performer. His ability on the euphonium is considerable and his musicianship noteworthy.

- Aaron VanderWeele, Rutgers University

I spent my days in Liège surrounded by people that respected…



Jean-Luc Petiprez from the Conservatoire national supérieur de musiqueWe were all there for the same reason and we were bonded by the same cause.

As the days went by and the weeks past, the intense conservatory schedule began to drain me. By late December my progress began to screech to a halt. I asked myself…

“If I’m putting in all these hours of practice, why am I hitting a plateau?”


What I realized was the hard work and hustle was important…but WHAT I was working on was off. I thought that slaving over the sheet music was the way to success but what I uncovered was that if a car is broken, It won’t get you to the destination.

So I began investing some time in myself…

I started eating better, I started exercising daily, and I made sure I had a decent amount of sleep (despite most musicians!) I began meditating and spending time reprogramming my belief systems and mindset.

and what happened…


Every day I invested that much more in myself and my well being and I became that much better of a musician. For starters…

  • Exercising gave me a greater control of my cardio vascular system which had a tremendous impact on my air support and sound production.
  • Eating a healthy diet gave me sustained energy for the long hours in the practice room.
  • Daily meditations and mindfulness practices had a huge transformation in my dilemmas with stage fright.

And these were just the beginning.

I go into a little more detail here on the first episode of the podcast!

After making a complete 180 degree shift of my own life and music career, my mission has become sharing these revelations with you. I want you to experience the success I’ve had as a musician by taking control of the aspects you can control. The reality is unfortunate; no one will teach you these crucial aspects of being a performer until it’s too late.





I’m here for you. I don’t believe I’m some incredibly amazing artist. I’m just someone who is trying to get the most out of my musical career and share my journey with you all.

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